Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul offers religion classes, appropriately structured to children's age groups. We engage children in fun-filled participative activities, allowing them to naturally develop an understanding and appreciation of Hindu religion.


Stories from books such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Srimad Bhagavd Purana teach them our religious and cultural values. They also learn:


• Sanskrit Shlokas and prayers
• Symbolism of murtis of Hindu deities
• Symbolism of Hindu customs and rituals
• How to perform puja and understand its symbolism
• Yoga
• Significance of Hindu festivals
• Singing bhajans
• Answers to misconceptions about Hindu religion (many Gods, Caste system, cow worship, etc).


We also conduct an annual Hindu heritage summer camp (hyperlink) that is hugely popular with our youth and teenagers. Classes and books are provided free of cost.


Let our children and our future generations be proud for being Hindus, and let them cherish our memories because we helped them identify their roots.